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Self-Regulated Learning

Just before, during, and after learning or performing a skill, individuals have the opportunity to engage several processes and beliefs that can facilitate more efficient skill development and/or performance. For example, setting goals, planning, using a variety of strategies, self-monitoring, and reflecting after performance can all help an individual learn and perform better. In addition, these processes influence and are influenced by motivational beliefs.


Collectively, these processes are part of a system referred to as self-regulated learning (SRL). This research lab examines the development of innovative measurement tools to examine these processes, the development of interventions to foster SRL, and how educators and school psychologists can support the development of SRL. We have completed research within several domains such as mathematical problem solving, test taking, creativity, and reading.

SRL overlaps significantly with other areas of science such as executive functioning and metacognition. See some key SRL constructs below.

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Dr. Greg Callan is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Utah State University. His primary focus of research addresses self-regulated learning (SRL) which examines the development and validation of innovative SRL measurement methodologies, SRL interventions, teaching practices that support SRL, and whether SRL develops naturally as a result of skill development. Dr. Callan is currently accepting applications from prospective graduate students interested in the School Psychology PhD and EdS Programs and undergraduate students at USU.


Dr. Callan completed his PhD at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. In addition, he completed a doctoral internship and post-doctoral training with Virginia Beach City Public Schools. He is a licensed psychologist and Health Service Provider in Psychology (HSPP; Indiana, Utah in progress) . Dr. Callan has been part of 20 publications with 8 publications in 2019. His research has been presented at many local, national, and international meetings. He is also involved in many service opportunities and leadership positions in the academic world. See more in the news and team pages. 



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Photo by Greg Callan
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